Mission & History

Since our founding in 1882, St. Timothy’s School has prepared girls for lives of principled leadership by fostering courage, moral focus, intellectual honesty, and the confidence to act responsibly and ethically in all areas of their lives.
Beyond instilling in each girl a passion for learning, we are deeply committed to the formation of character, spiritual growth, social responsibility, and respect for diversity.


The primary goals of a St. Timothy’s education are to gain a disciplined mastery of one’s studies and to develop a keen understanding of oneself and others. Our motto “Truth Without Fear” inspires a culture of intrepid curiosity that equips young women with knowledge, imagination, discipline, integrity, and self-confidence that make them capable leaders and indispensable citizens.

Global Citizenship

To prepare our students for leadership and well-being in an increasingly interconnected world, we ensure each girl develops core competencies that equip her with the tools and knowledge needed for informed engagement with the many and varied people and communities she will encounter. Our students’ global explorations are deepened by the experience and insight of veteran teachers who have taught in more than 17 countries, often as IB teachers. The result is a belief in each girl that she can make a difference as she prepares for a life of meaning, purpose, and consequence.

Episcopal Heritage

As an Episcopal school, we draw strength from the diversity of faiths represented in our inclusive, welcoming, and respectful community. Weekly chapel services and community outreach underscore the importance of spirituality, while an honor code encourages students to incorporate personal and academic integrity into their daily lives.

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    countries represented in our student body
By following the globally respected International Baccalaureate Program, our students develop the ability to

  • Think critically and creatively
  • Research and evaluate information and data
  • Speak, write, listen, and argue clearly and persuasively
  • Build and maintain positive relationships and collaborations
  • Work and manage time independently
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